Let’s get this straight

Dick Durbin said that the hottest circle of hell is reserved for people who criticize Michelle Obama, saying “The hottest ring in Hell is reserved for those in politics who attack their opponents’ families.” 

If anyone is responsible to the attacks on Michelle Obama, it is the Obamas themselves. They decided that she would play a part in campaigning for Barack, and what is said on the campaign trail is open to scrutiny.

Let’s get this straight. Michelle Obama is campaigning for her husband. SHE IS SUBJECT TO THE SAME CRITICISMS AS ANYONE ELSE CAMPAIGNING FOR A POLITICIAN. Politicians families should be off limits when they are not involved in their political lives (and I would tend to include “Smile & Wave” spouses, the kind that show up for some photo ops, but aren’t campaigning, in that.)

For instance:

  • Chelsea Clinton when Bill was President – Off limits, she was a minor child not legitimately involved in the campaign
  • Chelsea Clinton stumping for Hillary – Fair game, just like anyone else stumping for Hillery
  • Michelle Obama stumping for Barack – Fair game, just like anyone else stumping for Barack

I do think a certain amount of restraint is appropriate with personal lives, especially with children (including into adulthood) because a person is limited in how far they can distance themselves from family. And despite our best efforts, our children don’t always turn out the way we want them to. However, when a politician uses their family in the campaign, they have exposed them to all that goes with it. If the Obamas do not want Michelle Obama’s comments scrutinized, she needs to step back from campaigning. 

Hat tip – Michelle Malkin


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