More From My Sheriff

Sheriff David Clarke has an opinion piece in the Washington Times, where he says that “White liberal social policies have become the new racism in America.

Clarke, a black Democrat, is commenting on things like the new race-based standards for discipline in schools. Standards that focus one doling out punishment proportionate to the racial makeup of the student body, rather than proportionate to the offenses.

I have commented on this already. Policies that expect people to behave at lower standards often have the result of lower people to those standards. When a group students are allowed to get away with more, the percentage that would cause trouble are allowed to cause more. If nothing is done to correct this, more will join them, either because they think it is alright, or as a “self defense” mechanism.

Clarke’s says that the normalizing of bad behavior and lower standards do nothing but hurt the black community. I could not agree more.

Edit: CotR picked up on this, too.

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