Quote(s) of the Day – Opposite Edition

Detroit’s Police Chief James Craig is supporting concealed carry, saying: “There’s a number of CPL (concealed pistol license) holders running around the city of Detroit. I think it acts as a deterrent. Good Americans with CPLs translates into crime reduction. … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Diminished Edition

Mr Obama becomes the third sitting US President to receive the prize. The committee said today that he had “captured the world’s attention”. It is certainly true that his energy and aspirations have dazzled many of his supporters. Sadly, it … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Destiny Edition

Donald D. Rice (the bugler killed with a samurai sword) controlled his own destiny. He could have easily avoided his own death. – Commenter at the Baltimore Sun Whenever the question of whether your possessions are worth someone’s life, remember, … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Unintended Consequences Edition

Legislatures at all levels are prime case studies in unintended consequences, and the only thing more appalling than the blatant partisan self-interest exercised by both parties is the invariable attempt to mask that self-interest as “the will of the people”, … Continue reading