Barrett One of the top names in 50 BMG rifles. Make sure to check out Ronnie’s letter about a .50 ban

Browning The Citori shotgun is one of the best value for money over/unders available. Also a variety of long guns and .22 handguns.

Bushmaster Specialize in military styled guns, including the new ACR, formerly the MAGPUL MASADA


Holland & Holland Top-tier English gun maker. I will probably never be able to afford one, but I managed to get a hat.

Ithaca Gun Makers of the Model 37, my personal favorite pump action shotgun.

Kimber American maker of handguns, rifles and shotguns. Probably best know for 1911 handguns

Kolar Arms High end American competition shotguns

Krieghoff German shotguns, double rifles, and drillings

Lauer Custom Weaponry Famous for Dura-Coat, also makes suppressors, and a line of AR-15 style rifles

Les Baer 1911s and AR-15 style rifles

Mossberg Makers of the very popular Model 500 pump shotgun, among others.

Perazzi High end Italian shotguns.

Purdey Another English gun maker I will never be able to afford.

Remington A wide portfolio of long guns.

Sabre Defense High end AR-15 style rifles

Serbu Makers of a couple of 50 BMG rifles and the ultra-cool Super Shorty

Smith & Wesson Best known for handguns, S&W is making strong plays in rifles and shotguns.

Springfield Armory Makers of the M1, M1A, and XD and a line of 1911 pistols.

Sturm, Ruger & Co Makers of the 10/22, the best selling .22 rifle, and a variety of other handguns and long guns.


Walther Makers of the PPK favored by James Bond

Wilson Combat 1911s and AR-15 style rifles


Disclaimer: I have no control over content on external links. I have found them useful, or gotten recommendations, your milage may vary. Inclusion links does not imply endorsement, nor should exclusion be seen as disparaging, I am human and might have missed your favorite. This is a work in progress, I welcome feedback. Please contact me with any questions or comments, firearmsandfreedom – at – gmail – dot – com.


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