Common Sense Gun Laws

Sure, I like the fact that Wisconsin made it easier for active duty military and retired police to get concealed carry permits, but what really makes sense to eliminate senseless violence perpetrated by (bad) people with guns is this: Get caught as a felon in possession, three years in prison. Use it to commit a violent crime, another 5 on top of that.

Unfortunately, these are already illegal. It seems a shame that we need to pass laws to get judges and DAs to do their jobs, and send violent criminals away.


Common Sense Gun Laws — 1 Comment

  1. ” Common sense gun laws “, what’s that? According to the democrats, it is what they think it should be and not what is fair and right. It would come down to ” I can, but you can’t “. It will come down to the rich and powerful having access to firearms and everyone else will have to rely on sticks and clubs ( so to speak ).

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