This is Why They Say “Never Ask a Question You Don’t Know the Answer to”

MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer thought she could score some points against Republican Congressman Rep. Mo Brooks by snarkily asking “Do you have a degree in economics?” while she was interviewing him. His reply? “Yes ma’am I do, highest honors.” … Continue reading

That Answers That Question

I asked where Heidi Yewman went. Apparently Ms. couldn’t handle dissension, and reasoned discourse broke out. They not only shut down a lot of pro-gun commenters, they shut down the series. I get that you don’t want her home address … Continue reading

Where’s the Outrage?

From Breda: “Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people” She’s referring to the silence and inaction from the .fed about the ice storms in Kentucky that have killed dozens, and left hundreds of thousands without power in freezing weather. Consider this:   Katrina President Obama … Continue reading