So Let Me Explain This

Francis Wilkinson at Bloomberg is wondering what exactly the gun rights movement is “so freaked out about.” He points out that in the last several years the gun rights movement has made some huge strides, so why are we so worried?

The short answer is that we are not “freaked out” in spite of the strides we have made, but we have made the strides because we have been what he describes as “freaked out.” And just as big, we have seen what happens when we stop “freaking out.”

The enemies of our freedom have not backed down, we have repeatedly beaten them. The fact that we’ve defeated as many restrictions as we have isn’t a reason to go home since we don’t need to work, it is a result of the work that’s been done. We haven’t won this many battles sitting on the sidelines.

Wayne LaPierre wasn’t unhinged when he said a reelected Obama would try to take away our gun rights; Obama started 2013 trying to reinstate the failed ban on modern sporting rifles and trying to ban the most common magazines used in them.

But why am am I explaining this? The author’s real question is “can we shame you into shutting up?”

The answer is a resounding No.


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