A Tale of Two Bills

This week, Wisconsin assembly majority leader Bill Kramer was ousted due to allegedly groping one woman, and “verbally abusing” another. The Republican caucus voted unanimously to remove him. Contrast that with another Bill, Bill Clinton. There were numerous allegations of … Continue reading

Two Lessons From the Walker State of the State “Scandal”

For those who missed it, the latest flap involving Scott Walker is that one of they people he featured in his state of the state speech as a success in his job creation efforts had a lengthy criminal record, including … Continue reading

Are Strained Relations a National Security Concern?

According to Wikileak’s Kristinn Hrafnsson, “If we are talking about strained relations or embarrassment, that does not fall into national security concerns.” Let’s look at that for a few minutes. It is unlikely that any nation or group would be … Continue reading