Two Lessons From the Walker State of the State “Scandal”

For those who missed it, the latest flap involving Scott Walker is that one of they people he featured in his state of the state speech as a success in his job creation efforts had a lengthy criminal record, including sexual assault and other felonies. Mary “No Platform” Burke was quick to say “I would make sure I’m vetting people I’m holding up as great examples of successes in Wisconsin.”

Walker’s office say that the man was not vetted due to his late addition to the program and that they assumed the company that referred him would not have recommended someone that didn’t have a clean past.

Two lessons from this:

One: Walker’s staff needs to do their job. Even if the company that recommended him knew of his past, Walker’s office probably dealt with the public relations or similar department, and something like this would be a very private HR record. Letting this kind of thing slip through is inexcusable, especially since Wisconsin court records are so easily available anyone could have figured this out in 2 minutes.

Two: Yet again, the Democrats show their hypocrisy. One of the top planks in the platform seems to be releasing criminals and making sure that nothing bad happens to them. If anything, this is what the Democrats want: people with a criminal record to be able to have them magically disappear and be held against them no longer.

Yes, Walker’s team needs to better vet people they associate with the governor, but it the democrats are so appalled that someone with this kind of record could be a job success story, maybe they shouldn’t spend so much time making it easy for convicted felons to get jobs no matter what. Or maybe they aren’t that appalled, just hypocrites.

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