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  1. hye
    i try to contact NRA about some promotional stuff ,but from france that’s impossible,i have no ZIP code and my adress is no valid.Could you send my message to NRA?


    2 years ago,i have found in a french cigar store a brass zippo lighters with NRA symbol on it, .I bought it immediately,this objet gave me the opportunity to talk about my conviction in france ,i try to sensitize french about the asset of second amendment for france.
    Great job for me.
    But 2 years of service later it wouldn’t work no more and it’s make me sad ,the cigar store is gone …the french zippo compagnie don’t sell it ,the same for usa compagnie.
    Perhaps you will know where i could find another one in my country?

    Hope you get the answers

    6 rue michel goutier 94380 france/0661 92 82 82

  2. I have contacted Mike Piccone (sp) from Guns and Patriot’s webpage to attempt to discover the logic of why the nra still will not confirm or deny their stand on harry reid’s endorsement. About 2 weeks ago Mike said I don’t have the real story and some day he will give us X-life members(40+ years) the real story. Right now us little people that cannot contribute monthly stipends have to wait while lapierre and the bunch try and polish the image of one of the most corrupt unethical U.S.senators in history of this great nation. Shame on the nra. Their logic on this issue depends on what crystal ball they are using to determine the nov. election. Before cancelling my 40+ year life membership I called-emailed- and finally talked to one director and 1 AZ. rep. Their take is-I just don’t understand the beltway. They have caved again for $ and power. SHAME on the nra.We are keeping our guns without any help from the unresponsive power brokers. good luck

    herk fin Arizona

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