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  1. I was hoping this would have been done post Ft. Hood. Dr. Jihad was a tyicapl spree shooter, cowardly, and not terribly proficient in his skills or knowledge. (They say the fact that he chose a FiveSeveN pistol it saved lives because of the poor terminal ballistics of the oft Maligned cop killer cartridge ) But what was different was that every one of his victims were proficient in firarms.Given that I know several staunch-liberal people who are supportive of gun rights because of their military training, and knowing a properly maintained gun is nice to have close-at-hand.I have little doubt that if the base was not a disarment zone Dr. Terrorist would have taken incoming fire MUCH sooner, or maybe he would have never attacked in the first place out of fear.I certainly think that by declaring an area Gun Free they who declares as such should have reasonable means to ensure all are disarmed, good and bad alike, or private security trained to engage people violating the policy/ law.

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