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Controlling the language of the debate — 3 Comments

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  2. As part of the “controlling the language of the debate” when the Brady Bunch talks about “universal background checks” lets just take them at their WORD:

    Universal background checks for ALL PEOPLE; issue everyone an ID card that says amoung other things: “CRIMINAL FELON” or “LAW ABIDING CITIZEN” or “LAW ABIDING RESIDENT ALIEN”.

    Then no background checks for buying firearms as you can just “Show your papers please”.

    Stuff the whole concept of “universal background checks” — as distasteful as the idea sounds to those who favor liberty, this will NEVER make it past the liberals and ACLU types.

  3. Given the numerous Defeats that the Brady Bunch has had in the last few years, Via the number of States adopting Concealed carry, and the Castle Doc., They are attempting to put a spin on the language used.

    Brady Campaign Attorney Dennis Henigan’s attempt to Re-write the Second Amendment, by forgetting the words “The People” when on Video in DC show’s their Dis-belief that they can win Solely on the Facts, How on earth, can one targeting the Second Amendment, eliminate the Most Targeted words of the Amendment?

    Throwing Hunting and Sport Shooting and anything they wish in the Debate is nothing but clouding the issue. The Security of a Free State, and The People—Those are the words that one must keep reminding the Brady Bunch about. Their desire to change their Approach assures one thing—If supporters of The Second Amendment keep the pressure on them, sooner or later, They’ll have no other direction to turn.

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