Maybe it should be the fifth rule of gun safety

But seriously, do you need to be told guns and alcohol don’t mix?

MARSHFIELD — A 21-year-old Marshfield man who accidentally shot his roommate told police he was spinning the gun on his finger like they did in the “Old West” when it fired, Marshfield Police Chief Joe Stroik said.

Dustin A. Kayhart, 18, of Marshfield, was in good condition at Saint Joseph’s Hospital on Wednesday morning, a hospital spokesperson said. 

Keith J. Newby shot Kayhart in the left leg with a .357 handgun at about 7:19 p.m. Tuesday in the 1100 block of East Doege Street. Both men told police it was an accident.


A blood test indicated Newby had a 0.04 blood alcohol level after the shooting, Stroik said. According to court records, Newby was found guilty of underage drinking in Nov. 2006. It’s unclear whether Kayhart had been drinking. (Green Bay Press Gazette

If it was 0.04 when they tested him, I would guess he was legally drunk at the time of the incident. 

I REALLY hope I am preaching to the choir here, but please be sensible and leave the guns home when you are drinking. Or leave the alcohol at home when you are shooting.


Maybe it should be the fifth rule of gun safety — 1 Comment

  1. Stupid and guns don’t mix, alcohol just increases the stupid, I’ve been out to the bar armed and my hand gun didn’t jump out of its holster and shoot me, at .04 my decision making skills aren’t impaired I don’t think my small motor coordination or reaction time will be measurably degraded, I doubt going up to .08 would make any difference but my state makes it a gross misdemeanor for me to go above .04 while armed and in public, so I keep my self to one beer per 2 or more hours to keep myself on the safe side of the law.

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