Wait a minute, fewer guns doesn’t equal less crime?

From Josh Sugarmann’s book, Every Handgun Is Aimed at You:

Cook and Ludwig’s Guns in America shows that 16.5 percent of whites own handguns, compared to 13.1 percent of blacks, and a mere 7.2 percent of Hispanics. If one wishes to pour more killing power into the black and Hispanic communities, there is clearly room to do so. Not surprisingly, the industry is, at best, oblivious to any irony of funneling more handguns into communities already ravaged, more than others, by firearms violence. At worst, they are, like Jeff Cooper, cheerful providers of what they deem a “valid social service.” – p136

And you, Josh, at best are oblivious to the irony that the communities with lower gun ownership are disproportionately affected by gun violence. At worst, you are willingly trying to deny people the very means to protect themselves from the violence.

The problem does not revolove around the number of gun in a community, or the race of the people involved, it revolves around a culture of violence in certain communities. We need to be able to face that fact, and deal with it, not try to remove an inanimate object. Especially when it is the law abiding that will give up thier guns, and thier protection, not the criminals that are causing the problem.


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