Kim Rhode’s Shotgun Stolen

More details here.

Also Quoted at Shotgun World:

The gun is an MX-12 Perazzi, serial # 84961. It has Olympic stickers, and world cup stickers on the bottom of the stock, and the stock also has a G-Squared. The stock is also very distinguishable by it’s extreme offset, and a black grip cap, which is there because the stock bolt can only be accessed from underneath the grip cap (the offset is so great that the stockbolt would otherwise be on the outside of the stock). The stock was made by Wenig Gunstocks. On the barrel there are two small stickers on each side of the barrel that read Perazzi and Winchester, both are in red. The barrels are 26 1/2″ barrels with screw in chokes, and have a Schnabel forend. The gun case is also very distinct, it is an Americase with my name embroidered in gold inside. It also has my name, address, and phone number on the outside

From the details, it certainly sounds like the thieves knew exactly what they were after. I hope that she gets her gun back, if anyone knows anything, contact the Riverside Sheriff’s department. Lake Elsinore station, which can be reached at (951)245-3300.

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