Quote of the Day – C’est la guerre Edition

Nowhere else, nowhen else, has war ever been fought like that. When the Russians go into South Ossetian towns, raining dumb bombs on civilian and soldier alike, that’s the way war is and has been for the entire history of the human species. The French even have a special phrase for when nuns get blown up by indiscriminate rocket fire and babies are charred by napalm and the invading army rapes their way through a village: C’est la guerre.

Such is war.


Tam makes the excellent point that it is only because we have been able to fight with such low collateral damage that the when we do see collateral damage, it is shocking.


Quote of the Day – C’est la guerre Edition — 1 Comment

  1. I’m constantly amazed at the low number of casualties we’ve seen in Iraq & Afghanistan, but when I point this out to people I’m instantly a terrible, callous person.

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