Gun groups on campus

Human Events has a rather good article about the popularity of gun rights and shooting groups on campus:

According to Ed King, an LI (Leadership Institute) campus services coordinator, there has been a steady increase over the past two years. LI currently works with 136 gun groups. Of those, 84 were created in the past calendar year. California, often touted as a blue state, surprisingly shares the highest number of groups with Pennsylvania, as eight groups are scattered across both the Golden and Keystone states.

Several factors have led to the increase, but above all, a stronger focus on self-defense has emerged in the wake of campus shootings, according to King.  

SCCC is probably the best known group to rise in the wake of VT, but it is good to see that there many others. It makes me feel a little better about the future of our great country to know that there are a lot of young people that are not swallowing the anti-gun rhetoric coming from the MSM, and the colleges they are attending. I also find it interesting that within one year, 30,000 students, or 1 in 630, joined SCCC. While the percentage might not seem that impressive, it is great progress in one year, and probably one of the bigger groups of it’s type covering any issue.

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