Supporters urge Hillary to stay in the race


ABC reports:

Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke in Grafton, W.Va., on Mother’s Day with her daughter by her side. Clinton read a few messages from supporters who urged her to continue her bid for the presidency.

“‘Keep strong,’ she said. ‘It’s not over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is,'” Clinton said, reading what she said was her favorite message.

Another one she read said: “Keep fighting. No matter what the outcome may be, the fact that you stood throughout the constant ups and downs of this race -– one things is sure –- you never wavered and you never gave up.”

She might want to check the bona-fides of those supporters… I want to see Hillary remain in the race, mainly to do more damage to the Democrats and give us blogging fodder. On the flip side, in the case of a brokered convention, she may have the chance to get the nomination, so she might benefit from staying in the race. But apart from a total Obama implosion, I don’t see her winning the primaries.


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