Real Estate agent found dead

The A.P. is reporting  a story out of Wisconsin of a 71 year old real estate agent, Ann B. Nelson, who was found dead in a house she had been showing earlier in the day. She was found in a bedroom with a smoldering mattress and wounds to her head. This certainly looks like a case of being able to get someone to a secluded place by way of their job, and murdering them.  This is yet another instance of what happens when citizens are not allowed to defend themselves. The Wisconsin Legislature has previously passed a concealed carry bill, which Governor Doyle vetoed, maintaining Wisconsin as a victim disarmament zone. Would Ann Nelson have been carrying a gun? I don’t know. But then again, neither would anyone seeking to do her harm. Because Wisconsin prohibits carrying concealed weapons, criminals can rest easy knowing that the likelihood of attacking someone who is armed is so low.  In the last year we have seen several pizza delivery drivers attacked, and some killed in Milwaukee. The one driver that defended himself, Andres Vegas, was faced with a misdemeanor concealed weapons charge, which a judge fortunately threw out. But an honest citizen should not have to deal with the court, hiring lawyers, etc. for an obvious case of self defense like this. Paul Schumann wasn’t so lucky. December 8th, 2008, he was robbed by Quincy L. Baker, who then shot him in the back of the head. Members of Schumann’s family said the longtime pizza deliveryman had been shot twice before. Where was the Governor for these people? Where were the political appointee police chiefs that bucked the opinions of the rank-and-file, and opposed CCW? They could not be there, the hard truth is, at the time a crime of violence occurs, there is often only the criminal and the victim. If the criminal is bigger, stronger, or better armed than the victim, what chance does the victim have? They have none, unless they are allowed the tools to defend themselves with.  Is it unreasonable to think that if delivery drivers, real estate agents, and many other people whose jobs land them in potentially life threatening situations alone, were allowed to arm themselves it would be less likely that these people would have died? To quote from our friend on the left “If we could save just one life” wouldn’t it be worth it? Maybe neither of the people that died would have been carrying. Maybe they still would have died. But at least they would have a chance.

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