A former Brady Lawyer on D.C. v. Heller

Here is an interesting article by a former Brady Campaign lawyer. My main thought reading it is that a court should not “[approach] the Heller case in a spirit conciliation and compromise rather than extremism”, but should instead attempt to interpret and apply the law … Continue reading

It’s time for Pizza Hut to get a clue

Via Dave Hardy: Another Pizza Hut employee has been suspended after defending himself with a legally owned, legally carried, firearm. There have been numerous stories of delivery drivers being robbed, and some killed. Pizza Hut puts it’s employees in danger by nature of the job, but … Continue reading

It looks like murder isn’t illegal ENOUGH in LA

In one of the ultimate instances of gesture politics, the L.A. City Council considered a 40 hour ban on murder. Why not call a permanent ban? Oh wait, WE ALREADY HAVE ONE!And these people are drawing a salary with tax dollars? We can only hope … Continue reading

Well, He DOES have the lone vote between the democrats

American Hunters and Shooters Association appears to be supporting Obama, apparently on the strength of HIS ONE PRO GUN VOTE (the federal Katrina bill), which apparently nullifies a lifetime of infringing on our rights. If the laundry list of gun ban proposals they support (50BMG … Continue reading

Lost or stolen firearms: a backdoor to registration.

The lost or stolen firearms bills and “gun show loophole” laws are not only an unnecessary imposition on gun owners, making it harder for people to be a law abiding gun owner. They are also a backdoor, and/or a steppingstone to gun … Continue reading

I hope you feel better…

Well, If you turned off your lights for “Earth Hour,” you can rest easy knowing you did your part by reducing your electricity consumption by 1/8760th for the year. Unless you left your refrigerator running, at which point it isn’t quite that … Continue reading