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Paul Helmke on Evil Colored Guns — 3 Comments

  1. this law is to protect the people who own guns. They started making toy guns bright colors so people know that they are toys. Having real guns these colors just confuses everybody. People with real guns can make them look fake, and people with toy guns can are put in danger. Police only have milliseconds to react and decide whether a threat is real or not. Someone that has a gun that looks like a toy could be killed, or someone with a real gun can fool others. It’s not an attack it’s a safety issue.

  2. Jed,

    The problem is, if criminals really wanted to do this, they’d just go buy a can of Krylon. I think we need to avoid falling into the trap of buying into the Brady assertion that this is even a problem. Is there any case of a criminal painting his firearm Barney Purple in order to confuse police?

  3. Jed,

    Neither Mike Bloomberg nor Paul Helmke are going to do ANYTHING to help gun owners. They do things to make life more difficult for gun owners and manufacturers. While it may not be an inalienable right to have a pink gun, this is just another attack on a good company. If this was about painting guns to fool the police, that would be what they made illegal, instead of targeting a company that specializes in gun finishing, firearms, and other accessories. I understand that this can be used to make gun owners look bad, but so can “assault rifles”,”Scoped Sniper Rifles”, and on and on. We cannot afford to give up rights whenever the anti-gun groups call something evil.

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