It’s time for Pizza Hut to get a clue

Via Dave Hardy: Another Pizza Hut employee has been suspended after defending himself with a legally owned, legally carried, firearm. There have been numerous stories of delivery drivers being robbed, and some killed. Pizza Hut puts it’s employees in danger by nature of the job, but to put them in even more danger by publicly denying them the most effective means of protection available is inexcusable. While one can see that someone might think it is a liability issue to have armed drivers, one has to wonder what liability they open themselves up to by creating an employee base of sitting ducks. Furthermore, how can they in good conscience expose their employees to this level of risk? The whole world now knows that Pizza Hut drivers are not allowed to carry guns. A criminal looking for someone to rob now know that Pizza Hut employees are an easier target for them than other drivers might be. We have seen that victim disarmament zones do not work; there is no excuse for creating a traveling one around your employees. 

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