New Shooter Report

I had a bunch of family in town since my brother was getting married, and one of my uncles wanted me to come up with something interesting to do. So half as a joke, I suggested we go trap shooting, and he said he would.  We went over the safety rules and rules of the game on the way over, and how to load the gun (with a snap cap) once we got there. We signed up for one round, and were called out right away. He shot 5/25, not bad for his first time shooting anything since high school, and in addition, several of the clays did the characteristic hop they do when a load of shot passes right under them, so he was close on several. FWIW, I shot 17 with my Stoeger Uplander 20 Ga.

His shoulder has been bothering him, so we only shot one round. After we were done, he said that he liked it, and would come again if he had the chance. The problem for now is that he lives in California, not exactly easy for a weekend get together. Hopefully he will be out here in the spring, and we can go out again.


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