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Standard Capacity vs. High Capacity — 2 Comments

  1. Rather than “Standard Capacity”, wouldn’t a “Design Capacity” be more descriptive? A single-stack magazine (6 to 8 rounds in most calibers) would be the “Design Capacity” for particular pistol A, while a double-stack magazine (12 to 19 rounds, again depending on caliber) for pistol B.

    A “Legislated Capacity” of ten rounds is what we had under the previous AWB, and now those 10-round magazines make excellent feeding for practice at the local range.

    • First, I should clarify that I am talking specifically about online usage. I like “design capacity,” but online you still have the search problem. Gun blogs and other websites have 2 major sources of traffic, people who like guns, and search engines. Your average non-gunnie person isn’t going to be reading most gun blogs unless they reach them via a search engine, and they are most likely to be searching for the media buzz word of the day.

      In private conversation, a press conference, or the like, I have no problem with the “standard capacity” or “design capacity” terms.

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