Audience participation time

Idea from a chat with Greg:

You just did someone a BIG favor, and they offered to buy you one gun, and price is no object. This doesn’t affect the rest of your collection, it isn’t the “one gun for the rest of your life,” it is an opportunity to get your one dream gun. Getting it to sell it is not allowed, historic guns are allowed.

In the comments, what is it?


Audience participation time — 11 Comments

  1. I’d have to decide between three categories… firepower, beautiful, and historic.
    -For “firepower”, I’d choose a Dillon Aero M134 (assuming ammo is also included in the deal).
    -For “beautiful”, I’d choose a Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen drilling.
    -For “historic”. It’d have to be something ridiculously awesome and unobtainable, like Vasili Zaitsev’s Mosin Nagant.

    The trick is to combining all three categories and having a beautiful, historic, offering considerable firepower.
    -If StG44s weren’t so ugly, one of those might fit the bill.
    -Maybe an early prototype Kalashnikov…
    -I’ve always thought the Vickers machinegun was a handsome weapon.

    Hmmm. Dangit, this isn’t a fair question.

  2. Ooooh . . . a game I can play!

    My choice would be a Holland & Holland Royal Grade double rifle, in caliber .416 Rigby. For details, see:

    I could never afford the six-figure sum such a gun would cost me, but if someone else were paying . . . oooh, mamma!


  3. Thanks for the replies, and keep them coming! I might turn this into a regular thing.
    As to my pick, I am with the other Peter, and would go for either a Holland & Holland double rifle, although I would probably get it in .375 Holland & Holland instead of .416 Rigby, or one of their 12 ga shotguns.
    The caliber choice for the rifle is on the light side for dangerous game, but is a true classic.
    The shotgun would see more use than the rifle, although double rifles are something special, above and beyond double shotguns. And yes, I would shoot a gun like that. I would consider it an insult to so fine a weapon not to shoot it.

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