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Audience participation time — 11 Comments

  1. I’d have to decide between three categories… firepower, beautiful, and historic.
    -For “firepower”, I’d choose a Dillon Aero M134 (assuming ammo is also included in the deal).
    -For “beautiful”, I’d choose a Peter Hofer Jagdwaffen drilling.
    -For “historic”. It’d have to be something ridiculously awesome and unobtainable, like Vasili Zaitsev’s Mosin Nagant.

    The trick is to combining all three categories and having a beautiful, historic, offering considerable firepower.
    -If StG44s weren’t so ugly, one of those might fit the bill.
    -Maybe an early prototype Kalashnikov…
    -I’ve always thought the Vickers machinegun was a handsome weapon.

    Hmmm. Dangit, this isn’t a fair question.

  2. Ooooh . . . a game I can play!

    My choice would be a Holland & Holland Royal Grade double rifle, in caliber .416 Rigby. For details, see:


    I could never afford the six-figure sum such a gun would cost me, but if someone else were paying . . . oooh, mamma!


  3. Thanks for the replies, and keep them coming! I might turn this into a regular thing.
    As to my pick, I am with the other Peter, and would go for either a Holland & Holland double rifle, although I would probably get it in .375 Holland & Holland instead of .416 Rigby, or one of their 12 ga shotguns.
    The caliber choice for the rifle is on the light side for dangerous game, but is a true classic.
    The shotgun would see more use than the rifle, although double rifles are something special, above and beyond double shotguns. And yes, I would shoot a gun like that. I would consider it an insult to so fine a weapon not to shoot it.

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