Quote of the Day – Hunting Snob Edition

The NRA regularly parrots Craig’s misleading message about our public land roadless areas, interchanging the terms Wilderness, Roadless Areas and Road Closures, in an effort to confuse the public and convince hunters their hunting access will be lost in those areas, a blatant falsehood. In fact, land covered by any of those three designations is open to hunting; only motorized access is restricted to various degrees.

In fact, hunting and fishing are usually better, often much better, in roadless areas. The most exhaustive scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that elk, deer, bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and trout do better in areas away from active roads. – Pat Wray at Huntersandshooter.com

First off, I do not think that hunters as a rule are snobs*, I am referring to this particular snob, who happens to be hunting. Look, Pat, there is a reason things are bigger back there. It is because those lands are not accessible to people who, oh you know, have JOBS, don’t have the time or the money to ride back in on horseback or hike in. I am not saying we should pave Yellowstone, but closing roads and restricting access might as well be closed for most hunters.

Pat and his kind *cough*AHSA*cough* are trying to divide hunters and shooters, and we can’t let that happen. Whether you shoot paper, clay, or game, we need to realize that:

a) we all depend on our Second Amendment rights

b) that divided we will not be nearly as effective at protecting those rights

c) No, you are not better because you don’t kill Bambi, or because you can eat what you shoot and you can’t eat paper, or whatever people use to put other sooting sports down.

And to top it off, Pat Wray is running for the NRA board. We need to do what we can to make sure that gets all of nowhere.

* For the record, I am an “inactive hunter,” I have hunted in the past, and intend to again at some point, but spend most of my “gunny” time at the trap club, along with rifle/pistol ranges. My not hunting right now is related mainly to time and money, or lack thereof.


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  1. Not mentioned (by Rayfudd) either is the fact that the “Roadless” designation is the first step extreme environmentalists and their Lawyers use to initiate a full-court press with their final goal being the holy-grail “Wilderness” designation – an area in which nobody can step foot, not even the handicapped.
    “The most exhaustive scientific studies…” — by whom? Maybe research conducted by the severely biased anti-0hunting “Center for Biological Diversity,” or perhaps “The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting,” (a committee of Wildlife Watch, Inc. ) or maybe even “The Sea Shepard Conservation Society” — groups so far left they make the Sierra Club look like middle-of-the road conservatives.

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