APPLETON — An Appleton couple was awakened in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday to the sound of a burglar whistling in their basement.

Then events really got strange: The man was discovered wearing the couple’s clothes and covered with barbecue sauce.

He told the police that the barbecue sauce, taken from the couple’s refrigerator, was “an urban disguise, if you will.”

All I can add is, insane or not, if ever there was a case where the details of the crime backed up an insanity plea, this would have to be it.


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  2. Well, if he’s going to cover himself in BBQ sauce, it would only be fitting to skewer him and stick his ass on a hot grill. Too bad they didn’t say if he was white meat or dark meat.

  3. Not really relevant, but I just watched an episode of New Tricks, a BBC dramedy, in which a detective asked a divorcee why she had spread mustard on her ex’s walls: “He was out of ketchup.”

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