Boycott Toronto


For the last three years, the Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, has been blaming trustworthy, legal firearms owners for the drug related gun crime taking place in his city.  Dozens of people have died in gang related violence (some of them innocents) because of the “So-Called” Mayor’s lack of courage and ability to act against the crime that is sweeping Toronto.  At first it was thought that the Mayor was simply uninformed about the real facts pertaining to lawful firearms ownership in Canada.

The site also has information on how to send a message to the mayor and City Council, telling them that if gun owners are not welcome, we won’t come, and won’t spend our money there.

Gun owners the world over need to get behind other gun owners wherever they live. Every right that is lost somewhere in the world is momentum for the antis, making it easier for them to pressure other countries, and take more rights. Visit the site, send the E-mail, and pass it on. This is an easy step we can take to help protect gun ownership.


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