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Robert Toth asked in a comment: 

What do you think will happen to our Second Amendment if Obama becomes
President and a Democratic Congress are elected? Can they possibly confiscate
all firearms from the American people?

There are several parts to that.

I believe that Obama’s record and rhetoric clearly indicate that he will try to pass gun laws, or at very least sign any such bills that cross his desk. The second, and harder to predict, part of the equation is what he would be able to do. There are several factors here, including what he is presented to sign, and the outcome of the Heller case.

I think at a minimum we would see an attempt to “Close the gunshow loophole,” renew the “assault weapons” ban, possibly micostamping/ammo serialization, repealing Tiahrt, and possibly pushes toward registration. Obama has also come out against CCW, however that may be hard to attack. I am probably missing a lot, but these are what came to me as I wrote this.

As to confiscation, they will almost certainly not try to do that right away. If we see a move to confiscation, it would begin with registration, additional taxation, and other measures to make gun ownership harder, causing people to give up their guns, and letting them know where to find guns when the time to confiscate comes. These are the types of things we have seen in other countries.

Anyone who has anything to add, please feel free to comment.


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  1. Could not agree with you more. The attack on the Second Amendment has been a fierce assault on individual freedom. It is my opinion—Due to the record of Obama–That the Freedom granted by the Second Amendment will be challenged as never before!!!

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