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 Follow up to this story, from the Wisconsin State Journal

JEFFERSON — A convicted sex offender and transient was charged Thursday with killing a Cambridge real estate agent Tuesday by beating her with a fireplace poker, choking her with her own scarf and setting a fire to destroy evidence.

James A. Hole, 34, whose last address was an apartment he shared in Brookfield, Ill., was charged with first-degree intentional homicide, arson and burglary with intent to commit sexual assault in Jefferson County Circuit Court.

He is accused of killing Ann Nelson, 71, a real estate agent for RE/MAX, in the bedroom of a home near Lake Ripley, about 25 miles east of Madison, after seeing her name on a for-sale sign and calling her on his cell phone to ask to see the property.

District Attorney David Wambach wouldn’t say whether Nelson had been sexually assaulted. “But that was his intent, at least at the time he entered the room,” Wambach said.

So another recidivistic maggot, the aptly named James A. Hole, targets a woman he can easily get alone with, who cannot legally carry a gun to defend herself, and beats, chokes, and possibly sexually assaults her before leaving her to die in a fire he set. Let’s hope he is never allowed to be in a position to hurt anyone else.


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