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  2. I recently purchased a LCW R-15 and let us first state the quality of this weapon and the fact that it is “PRODUCED IN AMERICA”. As for Bloomberg it is very fitting that he is “Lord of the Flies” in New York because I do not see New York City as being part of the United States. They have a culture so far removed from the rest of the country that they can appreciate Bloomberg. His ideology is as scary as his rhetoric. I can respect any law enforcement official but to say the color of the weapon is a threat is plain absurd. As it was stated, you point a “gun” regardless of it’s color at anyone, it must be taken as a serious threat. I cannot say Bloomberg is not fashion minded, I am sure he has seen every episode of “SEX IN THE CITY” and I am sure he can afford to have his “Veal” hit over the head with a sledgehammer and then neatly processed, chemicals and all into neat little trendy packages but there is a whole world out there that enjoys harvesting their own meat and being able to protect their family. I doubt Bloomberg walks in some of New York’s “finer” neiborhoods to get his evening newspaper without the aid of a Bodyguard. If that’s living fine but don’t ask me to join your lifestyle and I won’t ask you to appreciate my individual fashion statements in my world. Thanks, Lee

  3. Typical liberal idiocy. It’s not about protecting cops, civilians, or anyone, it’s about them controling our rights. Thumbs up Lauer, give’em h-e-double hockey sticks.

  4. Danny,I really think it is beuasce far left liberals are typically agnostic or atheists and their progressive causes serve as a kind of religion for them; hence Obama is kind of like the Messiah–futhering their pet causes, like gun control or healthcare. My problem is that many people who are not liberals buy into the Obama worship. I think beuasce he represents some kind of change over the Bush administration and this is good enough–for the moment anyway. I think people are also tired of the negativity thrown at the Bush administration and are gravitating towards a candidate who they feel will “lighten the mood.” Just think, everytime we turn on the tv or MSM of any kind, with Obama as president, the world will be a fluffy wonderful place full of possiblities instead of the hellhole it is portrayed to be now.

  5. Real guns can get colored orange on tips to look like toys, but officer is still gonna pull and shoot. Gun is Gun. Should we stop the sale of toy guns then?

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