Sebastian v. Rebecca Peters

Sebastian from Pro-Gun Progressive recently was involved in a debate on Al Jazeera opposite IANSA queen Rebecca Peters.  Check out  his take on the debate herePart 1 of the debate hereand part 2 here Standard tired old arguments that more guns equal more crime, America has the highest crime rate, blah blah blah.  Even if we give her, for the sake of argument, that America is more violent than other industrialized nations (which I take serious issue with), let’s look at trending for a moment. America – Violent crime has been going down a while now, while gun rights are going up on average (CCW, Castle doctrine, etc), or at least have remained fairly even. England – Most guns are banned, and the violent crime rate is rising dramatically.  Australia – much the same.  She also makes a comment about citizens of other countries trusting their governments more than Americans. I see it the other way. I am glad to live in country where the government trusts it’s citizens more than most other governments do.

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