Quote of the Day – Drill Our Way Out Edition

That’s a perfectly sensible question.  To say that we can’t drill our way out of an impending oil shortage is of course exactly like saying you can’t eat your way out of hunger, you can’t warm your way out of hypothermia, … Continue reading

Battle of the Enviro-whackos

PETA is taking on Al Gore. Apparently, creating a cult following denouncing everyone else’s contribution to global warming while flying around the country in a private jet, and producing energy wasting concerts to raise awareness of “Climate Change” isn’t enough. Fox … Continue reading

I hope you feel better…

Well, If you turned off your lights for “Earth Hour,” you can rest easy knowing you did your part by reducing your electricity consumption by 1/8760th for the year. Unless you left your refrigerator running, at which point it isn’t quite that … Continue reading