Quote of the Day – Drill Our Way Out Edition

That’s a perfectly sensible question.  To say that we can’t drill our way out of an impending oil shortage is of course exactly like saying you can’t eat your way out of hunger, you can’t warm your way out of hypothermia, and you can’t drink your way out of thirst. – Lyle, blogging at Joe Huffman’s 

Exactly right. While there is probably some point in time that the Earth cannot supply enough oil, most of the estimates I have heard put that centuries in the future. While there may be better energy sources out there, we need something to bridge the gap between now and those alternatives being perfected. To think that the free market will suddenly stop working, and the law of supply and demand be repealed is crazy. Drilling the oil that we have is the best way to deal with the issues we are seeing.


Quote of the Day – Drill Our Way Out Edition — 3 Comments

  1. The democrats don’t want cheap fuel for some reason, they’re now talking about raising the fed fuel tax at the pumps…at least 10% and it could be as high as a 40 cent per gallon raise. I understand why Obama is thinking the way he does, just check out “Why Obama supports ethanol production over off shore drilling” on my blog.

  2. The dumbocrats lied to the American public 2 years ago, saying they’ll lower fuel prices if elected to Congress. Well, two years later, fuel prices have doubled. Their approval rating is at 18% (compared to Pres. Bush’s at 34%) and they haven’t done squat except to cock-block Pres. Bush at every turn in oil exploration.

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