He was for it before he was against it

Obama is accusing McCain of pulling his energy policy straight out of “the Chaney playbook,” favoring oil, etc. As MSNBC reports, there is an interesting twist to this story: However, Obama himself voted for a 2005 energy bill backed by … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Who’s Leader is He Edition

Ever since the Iraq war started, liberal-minded people have started to use “America’s image” as a reason to vote for Democrats.  To “restore the image” of the republic, in my opinion is an assinine objective, however many Americans have taken … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Humorless Edition

Obama is humorless, and full of himself. That would make him a great target for satire, except that his followers take the position that any mockery or criticism is racist. The prospect of four years of that sort of thing … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Obama Foreign Pooh-licy Edition

“Winnie the Pooh seems to me to be a fundamental text on national security.”  – Richard Danzig, likely National Security Advisor to Barack These Go To 11 Obama. I understand that sometimes people use analogies out of unlikely sources, but come … Continue reading