No wonder the Democrats are for higher taxes

Only the little people pay them. A second Obama appointee has been exposed as a tax cheat, and so far lacks the integrity to step down. HHS nominee Tom Daschle is behind about $146,000 in taxes, following Tim Geithner. The Democrats apparently think it’s … Continue reading

Looks like Kim Rhode got her shotgun back

Via Snowflakes in Hell: The Riverside, California Sheriff’s Department has recovered four-time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode’s shotgun. Police officials say the gun was recovered during a routine parole check. According to Rhode, the gun is in “immaculate” shape, although the … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Responders Edition

Yes, because armed citizens are Zeroth responders. They can respond before the “first” responders can arrive. – EgregiousCharles Part of a fisking of an article claiming that armed citizens would be more of a problem than a help in another … Continue reading