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  4. why is it you can not find which party the offender belongs to when a democrat is involved. I have spent ten minutes trying to find out which party the mayor belongs to. Actually, when I read the first article and it did not say which party Becker belonged to I knew it was a democrat. If it were a republican, all articles from the left news folks would have said, “Gary Becker, Republican mayor”…. I realize repubs have fallen too, but lets be fair in reporting the news. But no matter, the libs will some day make this kind of behavior ok. And if it is legal in their minds, it is moral an dBecker would simply be a victim of the old ways…….God help us!!!!

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  6. And I thought only Republicans got caught with their pants down in public restrooms. Becker is a total embarrassment for the Democrat party and human party and a sad case of a human being. What’s wrong with people anyway?

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