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Who’s Really the Racist Here? — 6 Comments

  1. Let’s be honest america is racist but I’ve to accept what I can’t change. That column you wrote above is great and I do agree with you. Although you probably think all black are thugs amongst other things. I’m just focused on God because He understands (black or white). Thank you for your concern/boasting lol You are right brother. White is right and black is TERRIBLE.

  2. PETER maybe you should go kill a black kid,man or woman. Then you’d be a celebrity 🙂 I’m really not being sarcastic. Look at the news. They only charge you if we survive.:-) GOD IS GOOD ANYWAY!ENJOY and get saved brother because for my sake I hope my faith proves true. If all the good people go to heaven we will really be one….IN GOD. HEY THATS FINE WITH ME(white,black,Indian,etc all means ALL) I’M just tired of all the hurt,hatred,and negativity surrounding my race. Unfortunately IM BLACK SO ENJOY YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. 🙂

    • Bryan, I am truly sorry if that is what you got from this post. I do not believe all minorities are criminals (or thugs, to use your term.) I don’t believe they are less capable than whites. I believe they are equal, and that we should all be treated equally under the law. Saying that voter ID laws are racist is effectively saying that minorities are somehow less able to figure out modern society than whites. I don’t believe that for a moment.

      I don’t know where you come up with that killing someone. Celebrity certainly isn’t worth that to me, at least partially because I have a relationship with my savior already.

      • Hey bro I’m sorry it’s just really hard to find anything that even fits God’s word. My apologies bro my skin just really bothers me because despite my degrees and how polite I am the first thing people see is my skin. I do have a clean record too. I love that you love God bro because he is truly color blind and he loves all of his children. God speed bro. Be blessed and I’m truly sorry for venting.

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