Back in the Field

I got my start with guns and shooting hunting with my neighbor when I was in my early teens. As time went on, that stopped. Between lack of time and money, and personality clashes with other members of the group, I no longer hunted with them.

I was away from the whole scene for several years, then I got married, had my own place, and started buying guns. I have been wanting to get out hunting again, but that whole time and money thing kept getting me, as well as needing a group to go with. This year, the bug got me good, and I have been working on getting the gear together. I also talked to some friends, and plan to go deer hunting with them.

Last weekend the squirrel season in Wisconsin opened, so I looked at the DNR website for some local public land, found there was a surprising amount open a short drive from the Milwaukee metro area, so I grabbed my shotgun, vest, and squirrel call, and headed out for the woods. I ended up taking one shot at a squirrel, but missed it. Nice walk in the woods with a shotgun, but it was great to be outdoors again, great to be hunting.

In the future, I am planning to work in some hunting content along with the shooting and news content I have had so far.

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