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Can someone explain to me why Ms Yewman is upset about being called stupid… — 1 Comment

  1. Ms. Yewman can point to incidents in which people were murdered even though they were armed. You could point to cases of non-smokers who got cancer, virgins who got AIDS (from contaminated blood transfusions), and motorists who got killed in car wrecks even though they were wearing seat belts. Nothing is 100%. As for mandatory training, I would be OK with it in theory. I know libertarians who would say that the burden of proof should always be on the state to justify restrictions, rather than on the individual to prove competence. But I don’t have the same expectation of privacy or complete freedom in public that I would at home. The obvious objection is that anti-gun groups would use training and qualification to get backdoor prohibition. That is, they would make the qualification test so difficult that Annie Oakley, Ed McGivern, Ray Chapman, and Wild Bill Hickok could not pass it. That’s why licensing is a problem with guns and not with cars; there are no political factions who want to ban automobiles (or, if there are, they have no power or influence). Maybe a state could require licensing and qualification for carrying a weapon, but with a stipulation that the qualification course must be no harder than the minimum standard for peace officers in that state.

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