An open letter to my senators

Dear Senator Feingold/Kohl,
I wanted to express my feelings on the quotes that recently came to light from Senator Reid. The remarks were offensive not only to President Obama, but also to the American people, who he seemed to imply would not vote for a candidate who’s skin was a little darker, or who spoke differently. His remarks were also offensive to other African Americans that exhibited those qualities. These comments are appalling, and I hope you will do the right thing, and urge the Senator to step down.
Peter —


An open letter to my senators — 1 Comment

  1. Mr. Ratigan, what is to come now that you have submitted the pttoeiin to Senator Dick Durbin? Where does it go from here? What will you do next? I once believed in the government, at least for the forty years when it worked well after World War II. It was seemingly fair and balanced with the wealthy paying their equal share of taxes, regulations in place with parity to financing, unions protecting the middle class, etc. Then, the 70’s came along with the unraveling. We need a good functioning government again, and we need it with the next election; one that holds steadfast with altruistic morals and a bold, intelligent leader who would be willing to stand up to the corporations and all their minions presently in government, one who is forthright by the people and for the people, one who refuses to be bought, but instead, is supported by a myriad of votes from the 99% of the people being manipulated and discarded. Maybe the success of your “Get Money Out” is a propitious sign of what should be your next step. Perhaps you could be that willful individual whose calling has come. There truly is power in numbers. You have the passion, intelligence and name recognition and now you have a backing. Think about it! A new party: The Social Conscience Party (definition: an attitude of sensitivity toward and sense of responsibility regarding injustice and problems in society).

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