A while back Tam linked a comment calling the NRA (along with pro-lifers, tea party goers and others) “our Taliban.”

I want to take a look a little earlier in the comment, where the writer says “It is not only possible, but likely that these people think the Second Amendment makes it legal to shoot someone who disagrees with you for violating your First amendment right to free speech.”

Sorry, buddy, it’s not us that go ballistic when someone disagrees with us. You are completely entitled to your opinions, and as much as I disagree with them, I will fight as long as I can to defend that right. It’s the Left that is usually complaining that OUR free speech somehow infringes on theirs. It’s the left that complained that the Dixie Chicks boycotts where an infringement of their speech, instead of an exercise of ours.

There seems to be a tendency, seemingly more pronounced in the left, to consider any act of disagreement as hate, a suppression of free speech, or something worth shooting people over. I have opinions, and inherant in that is thinking that people that hold differing opinions are wrong. And guess what? They think I am wrong, too. Who cares? Learn to live with the idea that there are people out there that think you are wrong.

Disagreeing with people isn’t hate. Trying to change their minds, or sway public opinion isn’t suppressing free speech, it is exercising it. You want to call me America’s Taliban, fine, but be prepared to back it up, because I am going to exercise my right to free speech, as well. You want to accuse me of wanting to shoot people that disagree, that’s your right, but that’s not how I work, and not how most, or all, of the people I know work. Be careful what you accuse people of, not because we might get violent, don’t worry, I won’t, but people unable to back those sorts of allegations end up looking foolish.


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