Quote of the Day – Titles Edition

How would George Washington — a man who actually turned down the presidential salary and preferred being called “Mr. President” over other ‘too majestic’ sounding titles — react if he could see the current state of American politics, exemplified by what Senator Boxer did last week? At a recent hearing, Boxer had the gall to scold a Brigadier General for not referring to her as ‘Senator.’ She said ‘I’ve worked so hard to get this title’. Excuse me, Babs? You are a socialist who won an election in California – most wouldn’t call that ‘hard’. Maybe you should worry a little more about the country (and YOUR state) going broke – and worry a little less about your fancy title? Besides, with the 29% approval rating Congress is sporting, I wouldn’t be bragging about that title I’d be hiding it. – Glenn Beck

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