Quote of the Day – A good Start Edition

For instance, I took my son to the gun store the other day to pick up an anniversary present for my husband (a story for another day) and as I browsed the handgun counter (my favorite place to be, by the way) I couldn’t help but impress upon him all the wonder of his Mommy’s passions.
“That’s a Ruger LCP. There is a Bearcat. Oh look, sweety, a Glock 19. And that’s a Springfield XD.”
The guy standing next to me looked as me like I had six heads, each with their own, purple eye-ball in the middle of the chin!
Hey, he’s got to start learning sometime. – Limatunes
In other news, it’s great to hear from Mel again. She moved at least temporarily, here. If you haven’t already, check it out.


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