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  1. Lessee
    * 12 ga pump shotgun – CHECK
    * .22 rifle – CHECK
    * A large frame centerfire handgun – CHECK(s)
    * A small frame centerfire handgun – Uhhh. Tuesday, I promise
    * An AR-15 or AK-47 – CHECK
    * A large caliber rifle – CHECK
    * A .22 handgun – CHECK

    Now that I’ve satisfied my minimum gunny requirement, I can start working on the wife to let me get the 50BMG 😉

  2. *12 ga pump shotgun: 870
    *22 rifle: 10/22
    *22 pistol: 22/45
    *small frame pistol: LCP, Kahr P380 on order
    *large frame pistol: Sig P220, S&W 1911, Sig P220ST on the way
    *AK/AR: milled receiver bulg AK
    *large(r) caliber rifle: DPMS LR308

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  4. I have owned LOTS of guns, and dont, although I very much support, hunt. I have worked in law enforcement and have a great deal of first-hand experience with small arms Here is my short list. Ruger sp 101 with a 2.25″ barrel for a carry. Glock 23 (the ak of handguns) for real threats, and a Ruger sr-556 with lots of ss-109 and high-end defensive ammo (dont forget the magpul mags) This is my “ready kit” for the coming apocalypse. All guns are almost best in price and function catagory.

  5. Whatever my decision, I maintain popular calibers and light weight arms with large cap mags.
    For shotguns I keep four, 2-12’s and a 2-20’s. My wife favors the 20’s. I have two of each kind in the event of malfuction but I also have learned how to repair and maintain these arms. I have accumulated spare parts. Each of us has a snub .38 and the new Hornady soft nose bullets. I also have wheel guns in .357, two.45’s, (a 1911 and a Sig 220) several .22’s and two large bore rifles. For hunting, (not wanting to make a big noise to attract others) I use a compound bow and I have a set of butchering tools to prepare the game I take. I am building an electrically powered wheeled platform for game removal to be as quiet as possible while extracting my take from the field. I also plant deer attracting grasses in and around our home to bring the game in closer. Keep in mind that the smell of food being cooked also travels and will attract starving, desperate people, therefore a community effort may be more ideal for protection and survival. I also have horses available for transportation. Most of all, keep in shape. Survival demands energy.

  6. I agree that starting a gun collection with a shotgun is a good start but would recommend seeking one with two barrels: a full-choke, and a rifled barrel. This combination allows legal hunting of most animals in one gun and range shooting options (clay pidgeons, or 50, 100, or 200 yard groupings)

  7. I like this list! I currently have a bolt action single shot 22, a Winchester 30-30, a newly acquired DPMS Panther AR15, an H&K USP40(my on duty carry), a Smith & Wesson MP40 both full sized, a Keltec 9mm, and a newly acquired compact Smith & Wesson Body Guard 380(my off Duty carry) I’m looking into getting an AK47 from a friend who builds them! He is currently getting ready for the up comming war!, and has 5 – 6 AKAK’s, maybe even another in production!

  8. i did this search to see if i was missing any essentials- i guess i need to get my hands on an AR- maybe an AK so i can just stock up on 308 ammo. here is what i have collected over the last 2 years 🙂

    rifle 10/22
    .308 gunsite scout

    handguns sr22
    .45 1911
    LCP & glock 26

    shotgun rem 870

    here are some of the upgrades i have done to my collection:
    10/22- 2.75 lb trigger job from local gunsmith and GM bull barrel
    Gunsite Scout- leupold FX-II scout scope
    LCP- laser sight and custom belly band holster
    Glock 26- night sights and 2 rnd clip extension
    870- want to get a good light and side saddle maybe red dot
    (open to suggestions on good 870 accessories)

    ps- lars, i like the idea of getting a bow to keep down on noise, reminds me of the walking dead lol

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