Quote of the Day – Czar Edition

I’m sick of hearing about the car czar, terrorism czar, cybersecurity czar… Do these people even know what a czar is? Do they understand the connotation – or is that the whole point? Are we fully embracing the dictatorial nature of our government these days? And what, they’re supposed to be cute when they rhyme or alliterate? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Let’s just have an environmental emperor and drug despot next, shall we? And forget the car czar – auto autocrat is much more clever. – Laurel


Quote of the Day – Czar Edition — 1 Comment

  1. To me autocrat dosen’t work. They are still limited by congress. Th problem is that congress is 70% idiots, 10% true beilevers whichever side they are on,10% lazy slobs and 10% workaholoics. But when you look at them as a whole they are 80% criminals and 18& future criminals and 2% good people. If you break them down further they are 100% narcissist. They get so into the whole,”yes Senitor, OK congressman,” thing.

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