Trap season

I wimped out most of the winter, and have been shooting handguns indoors instead of trap. Last weekend was the first time out in months, and my score (15) reflected that. Today, I went out with some friends, and shot 22, 22, & 19. I mad some modifications to my shooting at the end of last season, including using both eyes instead of one, and at the recomendation of the owner of the club, opening up my stance a fair amount. I expected my scores to go down for a while as I adjusted, but it seemed to be taking too much out, and I decided to go back to a more closed stance, which helped a lot. Probably not as closed as it used to be, but to where I find the balance to be better.

We also had a new shooter out with us (Not mine, so he doesn’t count for Greg’s contest.) He did pretty well, shooting a 10, 15, & 16. Not bad at all for your first time. He enjoyed himself, and I expect to see him out again.

League starts soon. I should have pretty close to the team we did last year from church. Looking forward to it.

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