Quote of the Day – Hate Speech Edition

It’s easy to say “Free speech doesn’t equal hate speech!”  It sounds very nice and pleasing and respectful.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s EXACTLY what free speech means — it means that your ideological enemy has the right to say exactly what you hate. – Lissa

Guess what, guys. Protecting free speech is all about. You don’t need your right to talk about springtime, sunshine and fuzzy bunnies BECAUSE IT DOESN’T OFFEND ANYONE. OK, maybe a couple of people, but not enough to have that speech infringed on. The right of free speech is about saying things that others would want to silence someone on. Trampling on speech because it is against someone’s beliefs is wrong. The civil rights movement was contrary to the beliefs of a lot of racists, good thing we didn’t shut them up because they might offend someone.


Quote of the Day – Hate Speech Edition — 3 Comments

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  2. I’ve always been of the opinion that most things worth saying are going to offend someone.

    I’d be disappointed if what I’ve said on my blog didn’t offend someone.

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