Quote of the Day – Discredited Edition

I’ll be honest, though, there’s a part of me that feels like the sooner Obama bankrupts the government, the sooner the political class that’s run this country into the ground will be thoroughly discredited.  The shame is that they will likely drag the rest of us down with them. – Sebastian

I agree. I think Obama and the Democrats are well on their way to setting up a repeat of 1994. If the economy doesn’t turn around the dems are going to be taking a big hit, and most of the estimates that I am hearing says 2009 will continue to be a down year, and they aren’t doing anything to really help it actually recover (like large scale tax cuts, not pushing cap & trade, easing regulations on business, etc.)

The real question is whether they are going to push it far enough that there is a larger scale backlash, the kind that leads to reversing large chunks of Democrat policy.

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