More MSM Bias

I already mentioned FOX falling in with the media SOP of downplaying the party if a Democrat is involved in a scandal, but now we have this:

Link – “Israel Bombs Gaza

Story – Hamas attacks Israel, Israel fires back.

Headlines are one of the ways media bias shows up. Reading the front page link, you get the impression that Israel attacked Hamas, not the other way around. Maybe if you know the politics of the region, you could infer that most likely Hamas started it, but certainly not from the headline. “Israel retaliates for rockets” “Israel retaliates with bombs” “Clash in Gaza” or a hundred other headlines would be more honest about what actually happened.

Is this a big deal? The story set it straight, so what’s the harm? Bigger than you might think, considering the number of people that just read headlines, and are met with a constant barrage of Israel attacking Hamas, and whatever other things the headlines warp.

I am not saying that Fox is not being enough of a Republican shill, I would really prefer that the media just report the news, and not be a shill for anyone. But let’s stop claiming that they are.

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